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Lightning eMotors Electrifies Fleet
Savings with IRS Clean Vehicle Credit!

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Author: Ev Garage Marketing Department

Lightning eMotors, our strategic partner and the trailblazing provider of emission-free, medium-duty commercial vehicles, and cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) technology for fleets, is lighting up the EV world with thrilling news! 

Get ready to electrify your fleet and your savings because select Lightning eMotors vehicles are now eligible for an astounding IRS vehicle credit of up to $40,000 per vehicle! 

This electrifying opportunity has become a reality thanks to Lightning eMotors' prestigious recognition as a qualified manufacturer in the IRS Commercial Clean Vehicle Credit program, in accordance with §30D(d)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Check out the list of eligible manufacturers here.

Tim Reeser, the visionary CEO, and co-founder of Lightning eMotors, exclaimed, "Intelligent and targeted grant programs are a key component to accelerating electric vehicle adoption, and we are fortunate to have so many compelling programs available in the United States and Canada. The Commercial Clean Vehicle Credit program joins our robust stack of incentive programs, providing yet another reason for commercial passenger, cargo, and vocational fleets to electrify with Lightning."

But wait, there's more electrifying news! The IRS Commercial Clean Vehicle Credit can be stacked with a plethora of federal and state incentive programs applicable to Lightning's remarkable vehicles. 

These programs include, but are not limited to:

Nick Bettis, the mastermind behind Lightning eMotors' marketing and sales operations, chimed in, "The ability to stack the various grant, rebate, and credit programs is designed to support accelerated electric vehicle adoption and help the market reach critical mass faster to the benefit of both the national transportation ecosystem and our environmental well-being. For example, a Type A school bus may be obtained by a school district or operator at essentially no cost and be operated with significantly lower costs as well. That’s a huge win for the district, the students, and the environment."

Prepare for the electrifying revolution! Our dedicated sales team is here to guide you on how to harness the power of grant funding, rebates, and tax credit incentive programs to electrify your fleet with Lightning eMotors. 

Contact us to learn more about grants and incentives!

Let's drive forward towards a cleaner, greener future with Lightning eMotors!

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