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Your Tesla Repair Partner   

Welcome to EV Garage Miami's Premier Destination for Expert Tesla Care

We specialize in providing exceptional maintenance and repair services exclusively for Tesla vehicles. Our team of certified technicians utilizes Tesla Proprietary Software alongside cutting-edge EV software to ensure precise diagnostics and the highest standard of care for your electric vehicle.

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We are 
Tesla Experts 


Our Services

Our Tesla and EV-trained technicians bring over 20 years of experience, equipped with the latest tools and expertise to handle a wide range of issues, ensuring your Tesla remains in optimal condition.

Routine Maintenance

Including brake checks, tire rotations, and other essential services to keep your Tesla running smoothly. 

Charge Port Issues

We address any problems with your Tesla's charging port to ensure efficient and reliable charging.

Tesla Protective Solutions

Offering advanced protective services to extend the lifespan and maintain the integrity of your EV.

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