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EV Garage's Rental Car Solution by Hertz
Stay on the Go

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Author: Ev Garage Marketing Department 

Mobility and safety are essential in our daily lives. A car provides seamless movement from one place to another. However, for those without personal vehicles, punctuality, reliance on public transportation, limited schedules and routes, and the financial strain of taxis or ride-hailing services exacerbate the need for a dependable solution. To ensure uninterrupted mobility for our valued customers, EV Garage has partnered with Hertz to offer a quick, efficient, and hassle-free car rental solution while your Tesla and other EVs (Electric vehicles) are being repaired.

Unexpected car breakdowns disrupt daily routines and essential activities.

Cars are crucial for commuting, transporting children, and running errands. Dependence on vehicles intensifies when repairs are needed. In these circumstances, having a replacement vehicle is not just convenient but critical to ensuring life continues smoothly despite the setback. At EV Garage, we understand how inconvenient it can be to have your vehicle unavailable during maintenance and repair services. We recognize the importance of safe and reliable mobility for our customers.

EV Garage offers efficient replacement car solutions while your electric vehicle undergoes repairs.

We provide top-quality rental cars to ensure our customers remain mobile, exemplifying our commitment to redefining the repair experience. Our priority is your convenience, minimizing disruption to your routine, and prioritizing excellent customer service throughout the repair process. We guarantee that your life will continue seamlessly through our partnership with Hertz. We value your mobility and independence and spare no effort in ensuring it.

Hertz has a large fleet of rental cars that includes a variety of electric vehicles to meet different needs and preferences.

This selection aligns with EV Garage's sustainability commitment. Customers can maintain their lifestyle and driving habits while their primary electric vehicle is being serviced or repaired and they can choose between a Tesla Model 3 or a Tesla Model Y to rent.

EV Garage ensures that a replacement vehicle is always available through Hertz, without delay and regardless of the time of day. We provide comprehensive support to our customers throughout the repair process, including timely updates and flexible rental periods to accommodate varying repair timelines.

  • Easy 

  • Timeless 

  • Preferential rate 

  • Diverse EV models 

As an electric vehicle repair shop, we promote green transportation. Our collaboration with Hertz ensures the continuity of your daily routine and contributes to a more sustainable environment. We offer customers the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the convenience of a replacement car during repairs.

Our partnership with Hertz enables us to offer a car rental solution that keeps our customers on the move while their electric vehicles are being serviced. Try EV Garage today and enjoy the convenience of our Hertz car rental solution.

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